Thursday, October 21, 2010

Batboat Rebuild: September 9th. Flipping the Hull Over

The boat got flipped. Thanks to unaccountable "friend" I did it myself.

Was able to roll it upright and put it on the trailer without any damage at all.

I hooked it up, cranked the wench to pull it from the bed of tires and on to the trailer. Now I'm able to work on the inside of the boat before winter gets here. :)

I was worried that the still slightly soft paint would be damaged but lucked out.

A couple of small spots got scratched but no big deal. The layers of the two primers were rock solid but the EasyPoxy was not. Paint it on thin folks!

I attempted to eyeball the lines of the cigar shaped white area, pencil it in and make a pattern out of cheap, lightweight dollar store wrapping paper.

The wind blew it to shreds.

I did get to trace the original Glastron scoop details from the sides and used those as the basis for the rest.
The idea is to take a pounce wheel, or pattern wheel, roll perforations through the paper....

... place the pattern on the boat and rub it with dark sidewalk chalk. This transfers the pattern to the hull.

This technique is shown in an indispensable DVD set I found on the net. More on that later.

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