Thursday, October 21, 2010

Batboat Rebuild: Painting The White and Finding Adhesion Problems With The Blue

The first coat of white was rolled on the hull on September 29. By now I've become and expert at painting with EasyPoxy. The first and second coat were so perfect and flawless I decided to not do a third.

Rolling on the layers thin enough to almost see though does the trick. The second coat of white gave such a good coverage there was no need for more.

In comparison to a photo of the original #2 '66 Batboat.

My craft is a different model than the one the original Batboat was based on. The white areas followed the lines of the hull. Mine does not have that hull design so the shape was based upon the original boat but also in keeping a little with mine.

By October 3rd I decided the paint has cured enough to remove the fine line and masking.

There were some adhesion problems with the blue paint. As I carefully peeled off the fine line tape some of the blue just peeled right off with it.

Not only that but I found a spot along the bottom edge where I accidentally rolled a little white on the blue. I started taking it off and the third layer of blue peeled off with it.

After seeking advise at the iboats forum I came to the conclusion that the blue came off where the fine line was perhaps because that is where I pushed the tape down too hard when I ran my finger along it for the last time. The solvent in the white paint may have attacked the blue through the tape making it lift and stick to the tape.

It pulled up and it looked like blue gold leaf stuck to the tape. None of this peeled off beyond where the fine line tape was, thankfully.

I've got some touching up to do in the spring!

Usually this is where people would get the heart sinking feeling, however, I don't have those feelings any more. Being that I live in North Eastern Michigan I have become accustom to day by day disappointment and bad things happening. This did not phase me and I'm ready for some light sanding and touching up next spring. lol :)

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