Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Holy Webmaster! Batboat and I Are On Burt Ward's Official Site.

I still can't believe it. The "Fan Pages" at features a strangely familiar mug and fiberglass boat.

In late January, I got an email from The Boy Wonder Burt Ward's new webmaster and business partner asking me to write an essay about my Batboat for the then top secret new website! We had been corresponding for a while but this came as a total, unexpected surprise.

A couple days after sending it along with a bunch of images, the story was online.

Burt's site is not a secret any more The site went live a week later along with a nice, shortened version of the essay.

It is an enormous honor to be on my childhood hero's official site. Unbelievable. I've looked up to Robin the Boy Wonder as a hero further back than I can remember.

As a small kid I could never had fathomed that something like this could ever happen. I haven't been the excited fan-boy type in years but geesh, Burt Ward knows who I am and about my Batboat!

I've had some nice "mileage" out of the Batboat since towing it into town, but, Holy Brownie-Points! I don't think it gets better than this.

My picture was taken in freezing 19 degree Michigan winter. I figured I'd look more comfy without the winter coat and shot from a tripod using the cameras timer. Had to bound into the house frequently to warm up and see what poses looked right. lol.

The next door "For Rent" sign managed to find its way into the shots but the boat was frozen to the ground so I had to make do with what angles I could shoot from. lol!!

Weather is warming up here in Michigan. Soon I will begin fiberglassing in the new stringers and deck.

I'm now more motivated than ever before to rebuild the Batboat.