Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Batboat Rebuild: Gelcoat Repair

July 16th, 2010 I took the grinder to the hull and ground down all the spider cracks, crazing cracks and blisters. These were filled in with a two part epoxy filler.

All the damaged areas now stick out.

The large hole repair was smoothed out with the grinder.

There was lots of damage to the bow gelcoat.

The filler I used was Interlux Watertite Epoxy Filler. Its really good stuff and you have to wear a respirator when using it.

Just mix a small amount of one part A with one part B and fill the gouges. It begins to gel within a few minutes

Its easy to sand also and at the time it was $54.34 per 1 liter kit.

So far so good!

On and off for the next week I filled holes and sanded.

I ran out of Watertite just before reaching the stern. Looking back on it, I used too much in the other areas. This resulted in too much time spent on sanding excess off. The 1 liter kit would have been enough for the whole hull.

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