Thursday, October 21, 2010

Batboat Rebuild: Painting The Sides

On September 14 the weather was good enough to draw the pattern on the sides. I was able to transfer the original Glastron "scoop" design with no problem. The "point" of the original was 10 inches from the stern. I moved it back to 2 inches to more closely resemble the original Batboat.

From there I eyeballed the rest with pencil. No more than an hour had passed and I was finished. Both sides were a perfect match.

Next I used custom auto fine-line tape to mask it off.

The First Of Three Coats

The white area was masked off with dollar store brown packaging paper and green painter's tape. I ran out of that and used Blue painter's tape that was laying around and later found that blue tape is crap for outdoors.

The first coat was painted on the 17th and several days later the third and final was finished.

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Jessica Finley said...

Wow. Your paint job is looking good! I like the color you chose. I think it is simple, yet edgy at the same time. Have you finished your work on this boat? Can you direct me your post about it? I’m sure it looks really cool and awesome. 
Jessica Finley