Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Getting closer...

Work is still ongoing.  Not much left to do to the boat but more painting and sanding which is something I hate to do.  Some upholstery, also.  Its a big job.

I won't be finished this year because I am relocating to another part of the state before winter, God willing.

After that I'll have a garage to work out of and things will progress more smoothly and quicker than how it had been in the past.

Stay tuned!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Batboat Rebuild; October 2011

Not much was accomplished in October.  Most of the structural items were finished.  All that is left is paint and other Bat-details.

The fin was fitted to the rear deck.

I made the mistake of putting in the flotation compartment.  Later I would find that the sides of the hull had bowed out and laminating it in made it impossible to put the top deck back on.  I forced it on anyway and in the spring found spider cracks on the outside of the hull.  More touch ups!

The electrical box mounts on the side of the box.
The 35 HP motor was made in 1958.  I sold it to someone in Kentucky who collects and restores Evinrude motors.
Back to the flotation box.

I did such a flawless job with it only to find in spring 2012 that I'll have to cut part of it out.
I filled the compartment with two part closed cell expanding foam.

Next, I leveled off the excess foam and laminated some fiberglass over the top.

Following that was two coats of white primer then two of gray BilgeKote paint. When the BilgeKote dried I sanded the surface and finished it off with one last coat but tinted blue.

Back to the rear deck.

Drawing the scallops on the fin parts.
Still haven't put in the bilge drain tube yet!!
With not much more to do in the cooling weather the boat was put on display for Halloween.

The last work for the year was rolling and tipping two part primer/sealer to the rear deck to protect against the winter elements.