Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hot Wheels Batboat is out now.

The new 1:50th scale Hot Wheels Batboat have been shipped but so far none have made it here in all of North Eastern Michigan yet. However, I did find three of last year's 1966 Batcycles at a WalMart during my weekly tri-county search so there is hope.

If you are looking for your own Batboat here are important tips:

Remember, the 1:50th scale Batboats are several times larger than the normal sized 1:64th scale, $0.99 Hot Wheels that we are all familiar with and are priced around $6.99, depending.

Because of their big size, they do not hang on the same hooks with the $0.99 cars and may be found stacked on shelves or hanging in their own displays.

The dark purple packaging sets them apart from all other items in the section. Most other items seem to have black, dark green or dark blue packaging.

Make sure to check all toy department endcaps. These are the displays facing outward at each end of the aisles.

Also, sometimes Hot Wheels products are displayed in two or three areas in the same toy department.

If you have other tips that will be helpful to others please post them in the "Comments" section.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

BATMAN (1966) French half sheet movie poster

The Batboat is prominent in the 17 1/2 x 22 inch French half sheet poster. Click to enlarge.

BATMAN (1966) French 1 sheet movie poster

The French poster for the 1966 Batman movie. The Batboat is pictured between Adam's boots. Click to enlarge.