Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Batboat Rebuild: August 3rd More sanding, repair and painting.

All day was spent sanding down the imperfections. I hope I'll never have to do anything like this again. The sanding was far too much to handle. Still was having extreme muscle pain.

It's now more smoother than before. Perhaps half of the primer was sanded down to get it this way.

Second and last coat of $100+ per gallon sealer is on the Batboat. I got two thick coats from the gallon kit and that's all but was more than enough protection for the hull. :)

Rested and hydrated myself then I filled in holes in the topside. :)

The sealer is flexable. It coated the paint pan well also. Good stuff.

Before filling holes the topside was washed down with dewaxer.

I used poly resin mixed with talc. Bad move. All fills eventually shrank, some cracked and it took over a day for them to cure.

I dread redoing these fills. Will do that work next year.


Anonymous said...

Why not just use some simple fiberglass resin and fiberglass mate for filling your holes. It sure wouldn't crank and would dry in an hour or two.

DIY Boats Blog.

Darren Nemeth said...

I used the talc just to try it out. I have 5 pounds of it over here.

Next time its cabosil or wood flower.

The vast majority of the holes will be covered with bat detailings and upholstery.