Thursday, October 21, 2010

Batboat Rebuild: Finished for the Year.

On October 14th I was satisfied enough with the cure of the paint that I put the deck back on for the winter. Did it myself with little effort.

Days before, I did a little fiberglass work inside it. Mostly small patches and laminated over filler I caulked in the bow the year before.

As soon as June arrives I will begin to finish this Batboat. There is not much left to do now. The rest is probably easy compared to what I did this year.

Starting to look like a real boat now! :)

I still have to do a lot of sanding and repairs to the splashwell.

Below is somewhat how I hope my boat will look like when done. Its a different hull but I can pull it off.

1966 Batboat II

I did unusually well financially in September so I ordered a Kodak Zi8 camera. It takes good, basic megapixel photos and HD video. Below are my first pix of the boat.

When I order a high speed SD card I can take videos lasting more than 10 seconds. Here is my first video.

Perhaps a few future updates will be videos.


Steve said...

Nice. I linked you to my new project, Jetflite. Why do some say the Jetflite was a Batboat? I see it was a V174. Too bad you have so much winter up there, I am just starting mine this week! Good luck my man and way to go.

Darren Nemeth said...

The 1966 Jetflite has a lot of similarities with the 1966 Batboat in regard to how the seats were designed, paint job, upholstery material, and probably a few more.

However, you are right, the screen used 1966 Batboat was still a '66 V-174 naturally.

Your boat and mine have something in common. Mine is a 1969 V-145 which is basically a tri-hull version of yours. :)

Good luck. Overhauling a fiberglass boat isn't as hard as my site makes it seem if you still have a good gelcoat.

I will keep an eye on your blog. If you have any questions feel free to email me.

Steve said...

Another good pic of blue JF seats. What is your email address and I'll send to you. I am at divimon 2000 att gmail . com