Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Batboat Rebuild: August 18th Rejoining the Splashwell to the Topside

Today I prepared to rejoin the -repaired splashwell to the topside.

One side at at time was fiberglassed over several days. It was difficult to keep both sides plumb because the topside lost its shape during the length of time the splashwell was detached.

Lots of clamps and wood blocks were used.

The gelcoat was taken down to the fiberglass with my grinder...

...and several layers of 1.5 oz chopped strand mat and 1708 biaxial fiberglass cloth were laminated on top.

Some of the polyester resin dripped on the wood which bonded it to the gelcoat a little. No big deal as that gelcoat was to be removed anyway.

Later on I would wrap the wood with plastic shopping bags to keep the fiberglass resin from bonding to them.

I think I rolled on the second or third coat of primer to the hull. Can't recall.

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