Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Batboat made its debut 45 years ago today.

On July 30, 1966 the BATMAN feature film premiered in Austin, Texas, near where the boat was made at the Glastron Boat factory.

The Batboat made its debut in the movie and its premier in Austin was a contractual stipulation between the Greenway Productions and Glastron.

There were two boats created: Batboat I and II. "I" was used in the movie and TV show and II for Glastron to use in promotional events. Only one is known to survive and its in storage in Texas.

The above photo is of Batboat II near the Port-O-Call Inn (formally Guy Lombardo's Port-O-Call Inn) Tierra Verde, Florida.

Here is Adam West on the day of the premier, which was held during Austin's "Aqua Festivle."

Friday, July 29, 2011

A James Bond "Moonraker" boat reproduction

A while ago I blogged here about the boat used in Moonraker, the James Bond film.

In early March, 2011 the replica was on eBay. I presume it was the one built by Invision Boat Works in Reese, MI from molds of the original which they restored.

The boat license numbers are Michigan, which begin with "MC".

Described as "Moonraker II" the seller gave the impression it was the original but a close look at the photos prove it was actually the reproduction. Tisk tisk. lol

It did not have the rear canopy, none of the weapons and the upholstery was made of new material. Beautifully done, though.

Asking price was US $24,900 but the auction ended with one offer for $8,000.00 and went unsold.

Accurate color of the Batboat I and II.

Through some keen detective work I have always believed that the dark blue metallic flake gelcoat that was used on the 1966 Batboats I and II was the same used on other 1960s Glastron boats such as the Jetflites and other models.

There is a 'Metallic Blue' Jetflite on eBay right now.

If one wanted to Pantone color match the blue and measure the size of the metal flakes for a Batboat project, this is probably one of the boats to do it with, IMHO.

Coincidentally, this comes with the same motor mine came with. '58 Evanrude 35 hp.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Still working...

Making a great deal of progress. The front end is almost finished. Will begin on the rear deck and fin this weekend, if weather permits.

Haven't had time to post updates but stay tuned! the best has yet to come!