Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Batboat Rebuild: More Sanding

In May I brought home a new air compressor. These are essential for fiberglass boat overhauling due to the amount of dust you'll end up with.


July 14th was topside day. I began to strip the blue paint off to ready the gelcoat for sanding and repair.

The next day I long blocked with 60 and 80 grit. The black sports stripes and thick metallic decals were prized off with a heat gun.

The center detailing of the bow had vinyl lamination with 1 inch molded in pleats. This was the same type, but not color or metallic, used in the 1966 Batboat.

Didn't get as much done with the as I planned but have 90% of the paint stripped off the topside. Didn't touch the splashwell until much later.

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