Friday, August 28, 2009

I can't belive it. Glastron hull logos bought for cheap!

Two more additions to the Batboat were unexpectedly won tonight on eBay for $4 plus $8 shipping! Two hull logos from a 1974 Glastron fiberglass boat.

Usually people pay $20 and up for each but I lucked out tonight. They looked like they are in great shape. No chips in them but repainting is needed.

They may not be the correct logo for my 1969 Glaston V-145 but for the price I can't go wrong. From what I can determine, Glastron's hull logo featured racing flags in the design until around 1970, when they switched over to the football shaped ones pictured above.

But... the rivet hole positions look just about right to ones I recently filled. We'll see when they come in.

Whatever the case is, I can't go wrong with $12.

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