Monday, August 3, 2009

Batboat Rebuild: Day 36 July 24th, 2009

The bow area deck section was cut using the template today.

Fits almost perfect.

Since the hull and stringers aren't perfectly square (never was even when it came out of the factory) a bit more cutting was needed because the ply would not lay flat on top of the stringers. The tri-hull curves got in the way.

The original 3/8 inch deck ply was thinner and more flexible than my 1/2 inch. Glastron flexed theirs over the curves and stapled it in place on the stringers. They didn't have to cut it like I did!

All of it fits! Its been a long time coming!

The bilge was cut 6 by 12 inches, like the original interpolated from last year's photos. The blade was set at 15 degrees. Fiberglass strips will grab on to that angle and used to form a bowl. More on this later.

Bilge drain found at a Marine store's going out of biz sale.

Redrilling the bilge drain (above) and splashwell drain (below) through the transom wood and at the same angle as the transom.

It fits and will get caulked in later.

God forbid, if any water gets into the Batboat, it exits out this drain hole when unplugged on land.

With a 40 grit disc, the bottom sides of all plys were sanded down. The ruff surface gives something for the polyester resin and fiberglass to grab on to and also it totally cleans off all dirt and other stuff that could promote mildew and rot.

The next day these undersides are fiberglassed for water proofing and strength.

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