Monday, August 3, 2009

Batboat Rebuild: Day 35 July 21st, 2009

The weather was iffy today and so there was just a little time to cut two of the deck sections. This got the plywood out of the shed and into the boat and got my mind off the stringer problems.

Three pieces of 1/2 inch Doughlas Fir exterior grade ply that need to go in the hull. Per my templates, starting from the stern, the first ply was cut a uniform 52 inches wide. The second also 52 inches. The last few inches nearest to the bow narrow but that was handled another day with the third ply.

The plywood fits in the boat better if it conforms to the shape of the hull. I measured the angles at about 75 degrees and made the cuts.

I've found that nearly all of the angled areas on this boat are 75 degrees.

75 degree angle.

With a 40 grit circular sander I cleaned off footprints and other debris from the bottom sides for fiberglassing.

Storm clouds were coming in. Moving faster, I didn't put the kick back guard back on the table saw and the middle section kicked up off the saw blade twice. Luckly, the blade didn't go all the way through. It will be fixed with peanut butter filler at another day.

It is very important that this wood does not get wet. It will be fiberglassed over and any trapped dampness will breed mold and rot. The wood used in this boat is dried to 20% moisture at the mills for that reason.

Two of the plys almost fitted in perfectly. I am very happy.

The corners will be rounded off later so the deck can be butt up against the transom

Some minor adjustments needed to be made but the dark damp, cold breeze was blowing in. All tools and ply was put away and tarp wrapped over the Batboat just as the first sprinkles dropped. I cut the plys perfectly to size the next day.

That is one of the reasons why I need a garage.

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