Sunday, August 23, 2009

computer problems and moving.

I've got a lot of updates and photos to post but lots of bad things have been happening all at once over here.

I have a couple weeks worth of updates to add to the blog but I am forced to move to a new house because of a year and a half long barking dog problem, I am all of a sudden having a nightmare with my PC, my income is significantly reduced, I had paid up my credit card but now am charging big bills to it again, the car's break lights are on the fritz, and I since I'm using the Batboat as a U-Haul I can't do much work on it.

I am sitting here with the reality that there is no end in sight.

I can't even properly edit this blog by moving photos around by cut-and-paste !
Thank goodness I bought a removable harddrive last week when the problems with the PC were evident and backed everything up.

Keep an eye on this page in a few weeks. (I am having a hard time logging on.). The deck is in the boat and I have lots of photos and tips to post.

The below photo shows what a hassel this emergency move has turned out to be. It shows a nearly 200 pound 35mm motion picture Moviola in the back seat of my car.

Before the housing bust I was spending thousands of dollars on film and equipment a year. One year was almost $9,000. The plan was to have a video company and as soon as a film was telecined it would be sold on eBay. I figured I could make and extra thousand a year doing this part time. However, the home video industry has taken a plunge, I haven't the finances to make the dvds and I am now in possession of many many hours of film I can't do anything with. The prices relaized on these kind of films on eBay is poor these days.

Sorry for the rant. I intend to keep personal stuff off this blog but these are hard times for me and I don't know when the next Batboat Blog entry will be, but I have a lot of them.

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HRothstein said...

I wish I could offer you more than simply sending my hopes that things get better.