Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another unexpected eBay deal.

(click on the image for the full resolution scan)
Here I am. This time its from my parent's computer. Mine is all but useless now but not too long ago it was stable enough for me to put in a couple of snipe bids on this item.

Its an original 8 x 10 photo that was sent out to the press promoting an upcoming appearance of one of the two original Batboats, dated 1967!

Starting price was $14.99 with $6 postage. Strangely, there were no other bidders. Just me. That's good because my last second increased bids were really "up there" and the PC needs $$ for a new harddrive.

I figure this still possibly originated from Glastron, the builder and owner of the two Batboats, and sent to the San Francisco Examiner by the promotor of the event.

The blurb on the reverse says"BATBOAT!" FIRST WEST COAST SHOWING

The sensational new "BATBOAT" by Glastron, featured in the Batman TV series, will be shown for the first time on the West Coast at the San Francisco National Sports and Boat Show, celebrating its 25th Silver Jubilee this year at the Cow Palace, Feb. 3 thru 12.

... and rubber stamped "Recieved Examiner Reference Library Jan 10,1967"

Its another unexpected great deal that will help out with rebuilding my Batboat.

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