Monday, September 7, 2009

Batboat and Penguin Sub studio blueprints sold on eBay

Last night, September 6th, an auction ended for a set of plans for the Batboat and Penguin sub. They sold for US $350.00 and consisted of two sheets for the sub and one for the boat.

These are old copies of the original drawings made at 20th Century Fox for the 1966 movie.

I put in the first bid of $99 but the auction's photos were so detailed I saved them and let the others bid it up.

A similar plan for the Batboat sold on eBay a few years ago for over $200.

Here are the auction images of the Batboat sheet. Click on each to see them in their original resolution.

The auction description...

This is a set of 3 rare blueprints for the Penguin submarine and the Batboat that appeared in the 1966 BATMAN movie, based on the popular TV series starring Adam West and Burt Ward.

Two of the plans are for the Penguin submarine and the other plan is for the Batboat. These are blueprints that were made from the original studio plans, that were designed by Serge Krizman, the art director for the Batman TV series and movie.

One of the Penguin submarine blueprints measures 55 x 26", and 6 pictures of it are shown. The second blueprint for the submarine measures 55 x 28", and one picture of it is provided. The blueprint for the Batboat is 36 x 24" in dimension, and there are 5 views of it.

Condition of the blueprints is very good, with some light handling use. These would be nice collectibles for fans of the Batman TV show, or a skilled modeler interested in building scale models of the Penguin submarine and Batboat. If you have any questions, please email the seller.

Question answered by the seller..

Q: Hi! So are these blueprints from the 1960's or a copy of the vintage blueprints? Thanks

A: The original studio plans were drawn by pencil on tracing paper in 1966, which is the date shown on the plans. I am not advertising the original pencil on paper plans. What I am advertising are blueprints on blueprint paper that appear to have been made directly from the original plans. I cannot pinpoint exactly when the blueprints were generated, but I acquired them over 30 years ago from a source with a connection to the studio.

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Jerome Hess said...

I know this is going in the wrong spot, but Im habing a tough time, and youre site seems to be one of the most detailed on the subject as I can find.

The sub that Penguin used in the 66 movie, has there ever been an "offical" word on what sub that was actually based on?