Monday, September 28, 2009

Another unusual watercraft. A late 1960s "Air Cycle".


Some photos were recently posted at the forum of a late 1960s hovercraft called the Air Cycle.

I've never seen anything like this in my life! It is 250 pounds, gas powered, and rides over snow, land and water. The propeller is at the FRONT of the craft!

I did a search and found this article with photos in the March 1970 issue of Popular Science at Google books.

There sure was a market for strange and inventive fiberglass vessels in the 1950s through the 1970s!


Steering wheel


Jim Ridgeway said...

My family had a 720 in the 60's. Very tricky indeed! It was best used on hard snow or ice. On water it was not easy to drive over chop or in windy conditions. A gust of wind would turn you sideways where you'd catch an edge on the chop and capsize at 40 mph. Not a happy outcome when everything (including the driver) went end over end considering the unshielded prop! But...we lived thru it. Jim Ridgeway (

Anonymous said...

I have a air cycle 720 in the process of restoring,it is in excellent shape,was made by Air Cushion Vehicles,Inc. Troy N.Y.
Would like any information or comments about this craft.Thanks.

Darren Nemeth said...

Check out the forums at

Folks there can help with more information on that watercraft.

Anonymous said...

I video tapped us using one around 1999. I'm going to post it on youtube tonight. Seriously lot's of fun, but very hard to control.

Eric White

Huck Huckelberry said...

i have a 720 air cycle that needs to be restored , it is just like thew pics of the late 60s green one with the 720 air cycle sticker on the side. id like info on this unit if anyone can educate me on this thing , its 95% complete people can g maiul me or message me. thanks for any help.