Monday, September 28, 2009

More samples arrived from Gary's Upholstery

The original '69 blue Naugahyde (above) and two texture samples.

The matches for my Glastron's four decade old blue Naugahyde came in today.

I need a match, but in black, for the Batboat's side compartments and the areas under the windshields.

The one to the left, Naugaleather MI 2284 Raven, is good but does not have the luster or the thickness of my original.

The other is bu alg coal @ $20.99 yd (this one is not on their website). It almost matches the texture, thickness and shine of the original. The leather grain is not as tight but it looks great.

Strangely, bu alg coal feels like the stuff I saw when I was at JoAnn Fabrics last week. Will check it out tomorrow.

The black vinyl and the floor vinyl mentioned in the previous post will be ordered by Friday.

Stay tuned! Some of the backlog of Batboat rebuild updates will be uploaded here this week.

The best has yet to come!

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