Monday, May 7, 2012

Batboat Rebuild; July 2011

In July the deck started to take shape.

The above three photos show the air scoop sections held in place to check for correct fit and scale.

The smaller inside walls of the air scoops were laminated with 6 oz. woven fiberglass and bonded to the deck with InterLux WaterTite epoxy filler.

I glopped it in good for a strong bond.

The insides were propped up with angle braces which were screwed into the hull and bent until the plywood sat at the proper angle before being bonded in with Watertite epoxy filler.

I finally sold the trailer wheel wells on for much less than what I paid for them.  Oh well. lol


I worked on the rear deck also.  The structure of it was based on a hydroplane that was in the same warehouse as the two yachts I was helping to restore that year.  On the job training!


The tops of the air scoops are now bonded in.

I also did more detail work on the dashboard.  Even though my boat is not the same model as the ones used for the original Batboat I and II I tried to keep everything in proportion, making adjustments to the contours.

Patterns being made for the rear deck.

The string running the length of the boat is making sure everything is centered before everything is screwed into place.


1/4 inch exterior or marine grade ply is fit in place on the rear deck. Cardboard patterns for the sides are being cut.
The plywood for the rear deck was laminated on both sides with 6 oz. fiberglass cloth and polyester resin.

I need to sand the Watertite epoxy filler smooth.  Wasn't looking forward to it. lol

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