Monday, May 7, 2012

Batboat Rebuild; August 2012

A few things were accomplished in August but most of the work was held up by temperatures, curing times of the resins and the fact that I was working outdoors in Michigan weather. lol

The area between the original dash and the one I put in was filled with a polyester resin and woodflower mixture.  So were some of the sides.

The front half of the deck was sanded and painted over with Pettit Protect two part epoxy primer mainly to protect the plywood from being damaged the weather.  It was rolled on and tipped with a brush to knock the bubbles down.  I think I used three coats.
The rear deck was screwed down to its skeleton.  The lines shown above indicate the placement of the heat sink and fin.

Scallops were also cut.  The pattern was used on one side then flipped over for the other.
Part of my boat's original fin and a cinder block were used to get a perspective on what the boat would kind of look like when finished.

The removable rear deck laying in my driveway.  Parts of it were going to be fiberglassed for strength and water proofing.  Including the center seam.

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