Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Off topic: Naugahyde Zodiac closeout for hobbyists

JoAnn Fabrics over here is closing out their Naugahyde Zodiac vinyl. Its the metal flake that you'll mostly see upholstered on carnival kiddie rides.

This is also the same stuff I'm using in the Batboat but in blue.

ZD 21

$9 per yard where I am at. The normal price $24 per yard. I assume this close out is nation wide. Find it in the "red tag" area.

I came home with a yard of the Burgundy ZD 24 to recover my bench press and speaker cabinet.

The other color they have here besides Burgundy is Charcoal ZD 27, if I am not mistaken. There may be more in your area.

Please note because of the clear layer where the metal flake resides, there is no UV coating. No such thing exists in metal flake vinyl.

For more information on the Zodiac vinyl ---> http://www.garysupholstery.com/naugahyde/ngzodiac.html

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