Wednesday, April 13, 2011

February 19, 2011; Surprise find at the Detroit Boat Show!

Almost two months ago I was at a boat show and happened upon a restored Glastron 1968 Jetflite. It is the only model of boat that had the seats I've been looking for. The same used in the original '66 Batboat! This particular year of boat was in red.

Had I known a Jetflite would be at the Detroit Boat Show I would have brought a ruler with me. lol

This is owned by Wilson Marine, a boat dealership here in Michigan. Will contact them later on and see if I take measurements in the future. :)

It is most likely on display in one of their large showrooms along with their other stuff.

They did a great job restoring this boat. This is the first restored Glastron I've ever seen.

The aluminum around the outer windshield measures 3/4 inch. The base is slightly thicker. I suspect the same trim was used on the Batboat. At least it looks like it to me. Will see if they will let me get a measurement later on.

Sorry for the lopsided photos. :/


Steve said...

Darren, are you saying the 66 Jetflite was a batboat? Or just the seats and windshield? Let me know, I'd like to post that for my readers. Thanks

Darren Nemeth said...

The same pointed seats in the Jetflites from '64 to 69 were used in the 1966 Batboat I and II.

The Batboats I and II were made out of '66 Glastron V-174s.