Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 13, 2011: I got lucky and found this...

I lucked out BIG TIME.

A couple of days ago I was driving home from work and saw this on the side of the road, put out for trash day. An original 1960s era boat "sleeper seat".

There were a set of two but one was in bad shape. Brought this one home with me late last night. You have NO IDEA how this is going to help out with rebuilding my Batboat and making the upholstery.

These are called "sleeper seats" because they fold out and you can sunbathe or sleep on them. Some boats came with a canvas top, transforming them into campers. Mine did.

I can't believe I found this in the year 2011 only a block away from here!! Saginaw is an exit town and you'll never see this type of stuff here. Maybe 20 years ago but in 2011?!?!!?

This isn't the correct seat used in the original 1966 Batboat, however, it sits at about the same height. I also can take it apart to reverse engineer its assembly to help upholster a correct pair. :)

The new "Sleeper Seat" in the Batboat before I measured its correct place.

Its in the boat now and sitting in it I can now see how some things are going to look and fit from the inside. :)


Steve said...

Darren, where are you? Here are two places to get the trim. First is Sunfish sailboat trim, a bit bigger but will would fine.

Steve said...

Here is the second. You need to buy lots for this place.

measure what you need but I need .5 tall x .188 opening.


Darren Nemeth said...

Thanks for the links. I'll look them all over. I may just go with stuff from the hardware store and round of the edges ad take them in to get polished. I'll look at these first however and get back. Thanks