Thursday, October 8, 2009

Floor Vinyl Is Here

Roll Of New Vinyl Compared To The Original Flooring As Used On The Foot Board

Earlier this week the second roll of vinyl for the Batboat came in.

This time it was the flooring and it is really impressive seeing it in its full size. Exceeded my expectations.

The black leatherette vinyl came in a few days earlier and it is really nice and professional looking, also.

Both are stored in my stairwell waiting for the completion of the Batboat.

Next is to order the Zodiac Blue but that will be done next summer. Unlike the blue flooring, this glitter Zodiac style seems like it will be available for years to come.

I can't wait to get back to work on the Batboat again.

The foot board has four decades of grime on it so its sort of a close match.

A big thank you to Gary and Connie Siliven of Gary's Upholstery. They sent me the samples, helped with my order and provided great, personal service. From now on I'm getting my Batboat upholstery stuff from those guys. They are the only ones I found that would send samples and some of their prices are lower.

Stay tuned! I am uploading some of the backlog of rebuild updates this evening.

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