Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Warm weather is here. Batboat rebuild to restart soon.

For all two or three of you tuning into this blog, it was at least 75 degrees in mid-Michigan today! (Yea!) In a week or two the new polyester fiberglass resin will arrive and work will begin on the Batboat again.

Until then, let me indulge in my fondness for Lilac bushes. They are abundant in my area and their scent fills the air.

Strangly, the most perfectly formed and flowered bush I've ever seen is in front of the house. Flawless at any angle one views it from.

Never pruned or altered by myself in any way. My landlord says the Lilac probably is as old as the house and he cut it down to the ground because it reached the windows.

It grew back, as most of these flowering bushes usually do, to the state you see it in now. It was almost at this height when I moved here.

Until the resin gets here, I hope you'll enjoy these pictures.

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StefRobrts said...

Nice lilacs! Looks like you got some good work done on your trailer too. I got out and did a bit of work on my own boat today, need to update the blog. It's sure getting to the season where I want to get it done and enjoy it!