Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Batboat Rebuild: Day 20 March 24, 2009

Spring finally arrived. The tarp didn't hold up at all over the winter. I would have been better to leave it exposed to the elements letting the melting snow wash more of the fiberglass dust out.

Not that anyone would have got away with it but I got a lock. Set me back about $22 and it works well on my bent cap.

The helpful folks at the forum told me my trailer is a mess. I agree. One reason being it was poorly fitted to the Batboat. The weather had improved enough to work outside for a few hours. This was my first boat project for the year. It felt great to have something accomplished, at last.



The bow stop is suppose to be above the wench. A trip to the hardware store for bolts and some readjusting made it so.

However, the boat sat over a foot further back on the trailer. New bunks and adjusting the rollers will fix it, which follows later. Still a little too cold out.

This is a "tilt trailer". Unlocking this latch lets the trailer tilt up when the boat is 2/3s the way in the water, making the craft slip off the rest of the way. Comes in handy in shallow water.

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