Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Batboat Rebuild: Day 10 September 18, 2008

Sept 19th I set out to remove the remainder of the original deck and stringers.

When I was originally cutting out the mostly rotted floor, supported by stringers and fiberglassed to the hull, I mistakenly sawed a 10 inch gash through the bottom.

It is impossible to see where the hull begins and ends is so it made sense to cut further away from the side of the hull walls.

This remaining fiberglass and plywood ridge took a couple of hours to get out but it was easy going with a cutter wheel on my grinder.

Fiberglass dust was thick in the air under the bow so in the process I made three more holes through the bottom of the boat. The grinder cuts fast and if you can't see what you are doing it is very easy to cut in too deep. An easy fix, though.

The two short stringers came out quickly and there was very little rot in them making it easy to create a pattern.

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