Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Batboat Rebuild: Arrival of the Fiberglass Cloth and Resin

The fiberglass resin and other stuff I ordered from US Composits [] arrived on September 20th and the fiberglass cloth from Fiberglassite had already been here since the 10th. I was was finally able to start fiberglassing!

The fiberglass that was recommended to me for the boat and how much I ordered was...

* Chopped Strand Mat 1.5 oz - 15 yards $60 chopped strand mat is the "primer" of fiberglassing. More on this later. they sent me several extra yards as a bonus because that was at the end of their roll.

* Biaxial Mat 1708 5 yards $40. This is among the strongest fiberglass cloth available.

* 6 oz. fiberglass Hexcel cloth 10 yards $20.

UPS freight $40.98

Fiberglasssite total $180.98

The materials sent from US Composits were...

* 1/2" x 3" fiberglass roller $6.70

* 3/4 x 5" fiberglass roller $8.50

* 5 quart tub of Aerosil-Cabosil $7.25 - this is stuff you mix in with the liquid polyester resin to make it thicker. More on this later.

* 4 oz bottle of MEKP $3.50 this is polyester resin catalyst, or hardener.

* 2 oz bottle of surfacing wax $2.25

* two gallons of 404 tooling polyester resin $73.00

UPS freight $24.80

US Composites total $126.00

During the course of this blog I'll tell you what all of this stuff is used for.

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