Thursday, September 11, 2008

Batboat Rebuild: Day 6 July 30, 2008

On July 30th I finished up removing the deck with that was left under the bow. This is a small crawl space and I had a hell of a time getting it out.

It was painstakingly removed while I laid on my side in full suit, respirator and safety glasses while holding the grinder over my head pressing the wheel down on the fiberglass.

Glass dust was everywhere in the air and I had to stop many times to wait for it to settle down. Couldn't see with the safety glasses on because they got covered with dust quickly and I took them of.

The work took about three or four hours.

Geesh! It was hotter than hell out that day and the boat was so light it rocked back and forth with every move I made. With all of the structural wood removed the hull is unstable. When I moved too far from the center the boat would tip off the trailer.

After shopvac-ing glass dust for a while I decided to just wash the hull out with a garden hose. This made quick work of it all.

I haven't done much work on the boat since then but have all the fiberglass cloth, tools and ply on hand.

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