Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Batboat made its debut 45 years ago today.

On July 30, 1966 the BATMAN feature film premiered in Austin, Texas, near where the boat was made at the Glastron Boat factory.

The Batboat made its debut in the movie and its premier in Austin was a contractual stipulation between the Greenway Productions and Glastron.

There were two boats created: Batboat I and II. "I" was used in the movie and TV show and II for Glastron to use in promotional events. Only one is known to survive and its in storage in Texas.

The above photo is of Batboat II near the Port-O-Call Inn (formally Guy Lombardo's Port-O-Call Inn) Tierra Verde, Florida.

Here is Adam West on the day of the premier, which was held during Austin's "Aqua Festivle."

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