Saturday, July 11, 2009

Batboat Rebuild: Day 27 June 20, 2009

I spent about 8 hours on the Batboat this day. Glassed in the stringers with 1.5 oz. chopped strand mat cloth and the transom with 6 oz. woven Hexel.

Strips of 1.5 chopped strand mat were cut to size for all the stringers and laminated to them.

Later, when glassing them to the hull this gives the 1708 cloth I'll be using something extra to hold on to, I figured.

At the time I didn't know this but I have been told since at the boating forums not to fiberglass one layer of cloth on one day and do the other later.

Oh, well. After reading about it I took a look at the original stringers and the long ones were done the way I did it and short ones had none on at all. I'll be using 1708 biaxial which is one of the most strongest fiberglass weaves out there and overkill compared to what Glastron used.

At any rate, whatever I have done so far in the Batboat is better than what the factory did. Glastron was and is one of the best quality fiberglass boat makers in the world.

This took all day. Glassed cloth on one side, wait for it to cure then do the other.

The boards do not rest on the saw horses. Screws at each end of the stringers make things easier.

These are the tips for the longest stringers.

While the stringers were curing in the sun I glassed 6 oz Hexel cloth to the transom. I forgot the reasoning behind it but the guys at iboats suggested it. After curing I see it gives the surface a more smoother appearance than the 1.5 chopped strand mat.

The cloth was cut larger than needed and tabbed along the sides of the hull.

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