Saturday, July 11, 2009

Batboat Rebuild: Day 24 June 5, 2009

The next afternoon I took the grinder to the hardened peanut butter and smoothed it down.

I made several more repairs where I had dug deep into the hull with my grinder while removing the rest of the original deck.

There were a lot of those so I did some light grinding on the hull surface and cleaned up the mess with an air compressor and Acetone. This was to prepare it for more fiberglass patch-ups.

Acetone and rags are used to clean up fiberglass dust. Its about the only thing that really works because the chemical dissolves it.

An air compressor blows the majority of it out and Acetone does the rest.

I want to give a special thanks for Ruth Uhala. She generously loaned me her compressor for the rebuilding of the Batboat. The job would be much harder and dirtier without it.

Thanks, Ruth!!!! :)

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