Thursday, July 3, 2008

Delay in fiberglassing the Batboat. Victim of ID theft.

Demolition work on the boat will go on as planned, unfortunately, there will be no fiberglass work in the near future.

My identity was stolen last week and sadly, I've been preoccupied with getting that situation fixed.

Someone got my credit card # somehow and charged thousands of $$ to it. To my relief, my credit card company blocked my account immediately when they detected suspicious activity.

The fraud investigator told me multiple internet orders were made to places like Abercrombie and Paypal over the weekend.

To add insult to injury, this afternoon I received a bottle of weight loss pills in the mail that I didn't order but was paid for with my card. The person used their email address, but I doubt much will be done about it.

There is no way I can buy the fiberglassing supplies until the new card arrives, which should be next week, and funds to the unauthorized orders are refunded to me. Most of the items have to be ordered from the internet.

Until then, I will post updates on ongoing progress with the Batboat and a tutorial on how to make a Batman Utility Belt.

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