Friday, July 4, 2008

Cool Picture Of The Week - Victor La Baron

This weeks Cool Picture Of The Week has more than one picture.

This bird splattered and faded 12 foot long finned boat appeared on eBay in recent weeks. A rare, late 1950's Victor La Baron on a trailer with cantilevered suspension.

Extremely scarce, however, the folks at one of the boating forums say the seller is a known fraud and most likely doesn't even own the boat or the property it sits on to begin with.

Some of these early fiberglass vessels had production runs numbering in the hundreds, sometimes with the manufactures going out of business within several years or less.

Although quite rare, these great looking boats don't command as much monetary value as some land vehicles from the same era. However, with a modest amount of cash investment and lots of physical work they are restored in better than new, pure eye candy showroom condition with modern plywood, fiberglass and gel coating paints.

This Victor La Baron looks suspiciously similar, in a way, to another boat we're familiar with.

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