Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cool Picture Of The Week: Space Craft Corp. "Royal Flush"

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A few weeks ago I won an eBay auction that included a rare 1970 Power Boat Annual catalog. I got it hoping the V-145 model would be in it but this particular volume didn't include any Glastron boats. My Batboat was built from a 1971 V-145.

However, browsing through it I found this one, a 1970 Space Craft Royal Flush 23.

This craft looks like something Space Ghost would use to water ski.

Check it out. This has two steering wheels!

Overall Length - 23' 5"
Beam (that means "width") - 95"
No. of Passengers - 5 to 6
Hull - Fiberglass
Positive Flotation - Foam
Price - $3,950 to $7,950

I searched the net for additional information and pictures but no luck. Even the Fiberglassics site has no details on the Royal Flush or Space Craft Corp. Maybe this was one of those short lived boat companies that made a couple hundred boats before folding.

Here is the description of the Royal Flush and sister model, The Queen Mary Lounger, exactly as printed in the 1970 Power Boat Annual Vol. 3.
"Born for adventure. Bred for excitement. The all new Space Craft Royal Flush is a real space unbeatable looks as well as high breath taking performance. Her fast new lower hull leaves boredom behind. The Royal Flush’s power unleashes plenty of zip for joyriding or skiing, and the Royal Flush’s racy outer space looks come naturally, pleated bucket seats with lounge seat and all weather carpet, equipped with special custom styles aircraft controls with electronic push buttons dual fashion. Just to touch the mark you as a person with discerning taste and imagination. Moves lik lightning yet treads ever so softly, because of the unique sea plane design lower hull tail end which creates lift and planes high with greatly reduced drag. This gives the Royal Flush unusual speed, which she maintains even under heavy load. The Royal Flush leaps on a plane like a Jet headed for outer space. One ride will prove to you that the royal flush actually rides better and softer than traditional deep-V’s and because she sits up high and level, on instant plane even on choppy water, the spray leaves the chine far aft and gives you a dry ride. You’ll feel like a pro as you grip the all new aircraft control wheel with electronic push buttons. This will give you some insight into the pleasurable excitement the Royal Flush generates, far advanced from the basic run of the boats of to-day.

Here is plush living for those who desire space and comfort with safety for all, seating that can be arranged as you like it, storage compartments for all your needs, great for just plain lounging in the sun on the upper deck. Tail end perfect for diving off the built-in gentle spring board, and safe as the prop is seven feet back out of reach. Here is prestige at its best. Unsinkable as it has built-in polyurethane foam floatation.

Queen Mary Lounger crafts includes non slip Marine grained decking, all weather carpet family lounge, instrument panel, steering mechanical, folding Marine seats, stair chrome rail, safety chrome railing around deck, built-in step to lounge area, non slip diving stand built-in, pilot bucket seat. Special concealed outboard motor mount. Running lights. The Queen Mary Lounger is the only boat in existance whereby and outboard motor can be installed and you can’t tell it from an inboard, a 1st by Space Craft Corp.

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