Thursday, March 13, 2008

At Last... Warm Weather!!!

(plywood from the Batboat center console waiting it's turn for burning)
After months of frustration, it is finally warm enough for me to go outside to work on the Batboat. Most of the snow and ice has thawed!

For many reasons this was my worst winter in recent memory. Getting stuck in the house surrounded by several uncompleted projects, including the boat, and living in a small town is no fun. I almost went nuts!

Monday was the one of the several days since December I was able to take care of some projects. Most had depended on my having the table saw outside.

First thing that afternoon when I realized how warm it was, I found a dry spot in the driveway for the table saw and immediately buzzed up the plywood that was the Batboat's former center console. I dismantled that console back in in January and since then it had been frozen to the ground. The cut up pieces burned nicely in my terra cotta burner for an afternoon lunch campfire.

I fashioned Batman utility belt pouches from a large sheet of oak plywood that has sat in my kitchen for three months. Made the cylinders, too, out of oak dowels. I waited to do this for a very long time. There is now enough to make 6 utility belts. It feels good to have that taken care of.

(newly made wood parts for Batman utility belts.-->)

Tonight spent couple of hours until dusk trying unsuccessfully to remove the steering wheel. It has to go due to the boat engine laying sideways inside the Batboat under the deck/fin but I can't get it out because the steering wheel is about 2 inches in the way. I spent a long time trying to move the motor in different angles to get it out with no luck. I removed the steering bolt and smacked the hell out the wheel hub with a hammer but it didn't budge. Classic Glastron forum members suggested AutoZone's loan program for a steering wheel puller. Will do that tomorrow.

This blog is going to be updated more frequently now.

Stay tuned. Same Batboat. Same Batblog!

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