Saturday, February 9, 2008

A New Steering Wheel

A package arrived this afternoon containing the new steering wheel I bought from eBay four days ago. A surprise because I didn't expect it so soon.

Got my coat on and headed out to the boat. The blue color is a perfect match.

I had been keeping an eye on these for well over a month. The price was $38.99 plus $9.95 shipping.

I never found an appropriate one at various local shops and websites. Most custom car steering wheels I saw were too expensive and a little too flashy, hot rod styled for my low-keyed Batboat.

A while ago, I asked the Glastron Boat Forum if this would work in my Batboat and they replied I would need a simple adapter kit. No problem.

The shiny blue powder coat paint and futuristic shape looks really great in person. MUCH better than in the photo and is perfect for transforming my Anti-Crime Crusier. Let's see if I can pull it off!

Size is 9-1/2 inches high x 13-1/2 wide which is really good because the original boat steering wheel is 15 inches in diameter and too big for what I need. And also badly cracked from age.

This new one is almost 100% solid welded metal and the more narrow shape is perfect because when one sits in the Batboat it is like a cramped cockpit with very little elbow room.

The width across the inside is less than 60 inches and my shoulders are 21 inches, leaving not much room to comfortably steer. Especially if I put engine throttle in between the two seats. This new wheel may make a difference.

These are actually made for go kart / barstool racing cars!

Bought it from B and M Karting's eBay store. They have a nice selection in different colors, shapes and sizes.

The frustrating part is that it is still freezing outside and I probably won't be able to do anything inside the tarped boat for at least a couple more months. Until then, the steering wheel sits on a shelf. Blah!

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