Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Repairing the bow light.

In the spring of 2012 was able to get a bow light that is identical to the one used on the original 1966 Boatboat.

It came from someone who also owns the same make and model of boat it was based on, the 1966 Glastron V-174!!  His is the 1967 version and is featured on his YouTube channel.

These and most other metal boat parts from those days were made out of pot metal.  They would either develop pits of just break.

This model of light had a divider in between the colored globes that broke off.  Luckily, the man I bought it from had this and drew out a pattern for me.

I went on the internet and ordered a set of aluminum thickness samplers, which coincidentally had the thickness I needed.

With help from a Dremel tool, I now have a complete bow light.


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Joe Hartman said...

I was told as a child my step dad(Joel Hartman) and his buddy(Rob Robertson) worked for Glastron and were the ones who built the original Batboat in 1966. I would have been 4 in 1966. They told me I was the first one to sit in it completed. Is there any way to find out how true this is?