Thursday, January 13, 2011

PC is back up and running!

Stay tuned... the origin of the 1966 Batboat is imminent!


Tony said...

Hello Darren,

I posted this "Help" message on several on-line modeling B.B.s, and on The Clubhouse Forum, I received a post that you might be the guy who can help me out.

Here is my original post:


I've begun working on Polar Lights' Batboat, and am zeroing in on that most elusive blue color scheme for it.

I have the Batman Movie, (which has 2 scenes of the Batboat), and have viewed it twice to date. However, in those 2 scenes, either the Batboat appears to be Dark Blue: .

Or, it appears to be a lighter shade of blue:

In addition, in a recent picture I obtained from a friend, this blue is a lighter, iridescent color, with the center portions of the upper hull, along with part of the seating compartment being the darker blue shade:

Upon analyzing the Batboat found in that last pic I discovered that it was a different boat - (Those white ovals found on the lower hull are different from the Batboat found in the Movie).

Anyway, I realize that I am (probably???) being waaay too picky and Anal-Retentive here. However, before I proceed, I'd REALLY like to hammer this color scheme problem out as best I can.

(Anyone have any thoughts on its color?)

Thanks in advance.

Darren Nemeth said...

Dark Metalic Blue as seen on the photo of the 1966 V-143 Jetflite somewhere on this blog.

Good luck. How the Batboat appears in photos all depends on the lighting and angle among other things.

Old Hindi Songs said...

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Darren Nemeth said...

The dark metallic blue is a very educated guess but I am 90% sure it was that color.