Friday, April 3, 2009

Batboat Rebuild: Day 19 November 7, 2008

Nearly two weeks after building the motor stand I found the chance to put the outboard on it and check it out. MI weather was the reason. Cold and wet.

This is a 1958 Evinrude 35hp motor. Model 35514. It came with the boat and is old, however, boat restorers tell me they are built like a tank, needs very little trouble shooting and parts are still made for it. The repair manual I found at the library shows the fixes it may need are not complicated so I will give it a shot in the summer.

So far it needs two new sparkplug cables, fuel line and another known unknown part.

These motors are rated at around 128 pounds. Lifting it was no problem except that most of the weight is at the top and the motor stand was a foot higher than it needed to be. Don't make your's this tall, folks!

I took off the top cover, called a cowl, and the pull start rope didn't budge. The guys at said the pistons are gummed up but it was an easy fix.

Set the motor horizontal, take the sparkplugs out, pour some Marvel Mystery Oil into the plug holes, and let it set over night. The rope pulled with no effort the next day, however, an old sparkplug wire broke and it will not start. A project for summer 2009.

This had been the worst winter I've experienced in years. Nearly all of October - November - December and part of March were spent with various flu's and sinus infections! I ingested more cold medicine and chicken noodle soup this season than the previous 5 combined (!!!)

At this writing the weather is better, I feel better and been outside looking over the Batboat. I can't wait to resume the work!!


Steve said...

Did you see this?


Darren Nemeth said...

I have one of those. They are of a more recent vintage and plentiful. Unfortunately, I paid over $65 for mine. Holy Impulse Buying!! :(

Steve said...

Darren, not sure if you caught this, but the motor is on backwards, this way it can fall over since the weight is not centered over the legs. (having fun reading your posts (sometimes twice I see!)