Saturday, January 3, 2009

Navy 'Batman Boat' Has Drug Runners Thinking They're Being Chased By UFOs


The Navy's 80-foot $US6 million "Stiletto" with its Batman-esque twin m-shaped hull has been floating around as a prototype project for several years now, but it has suffered from budget cuts in the Defence Department. However, it appears that the Stiletto is starting to see some action in the war against drugs. Recently a group of drug runners in Florida tried to elude one by sailing near reefs and sandbars at 42 knots and skimming over water less than 1.5m deep. But the Stiletto kept on coming. After a two-hour chase, the drug boat finally ran out of gas and the passengers were apprehended. They told authorities that it was like being chased by a UFO. A UFO boat, huh? These guys were so f'ing high.

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raghav said...

These alien boats should target the somali pirates!!