Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cool Photo Of The Week; 1961 Ski-Craft

This is a 1961 Ski-Craft; a finned, one-person unmanned tow motor that was made for skiing behind.

The handle folds forward for trailing and also contains all the electric start, settering and throttle controls of a normal boat. This particular one is said to have a 24 hp engine.

The skier steered by changing his direction.


Anonymous said...

I also own a skicraft identical to the one ifn the photos though mine is a 1964 as far as I can tell, do you know the value of such a rare boat is?

Darren Nemeth said...

As far as monetary value goes on old water craft like this, it all depends on how much someone wants to pay for it and condition.

Darren Nemeth said...
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Darren Nemeth said...

I bought my Batboat for $600 including the motor which is just about what it is was worth to me.

Some would have junked it while others would have paid more.

Seeking Hope said...

I also have an identical boat. I'm working on getting the motor apart so I can clean it up. Do you have any idea where manuals could be found? Please e-mail me back at
I cant find any additional information on this boat on the Internet. Any help you can give would be great!

Darren Nemeth said...

The FiberGlassics forum would be the best place to ask.