Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cool Picture Of The Week: Worlds First Solar Powered Boat

Solar powered boat gets you on the water gas-free
By Adam Frucci
2:00 PM ON 05/26/08

Boats, just like their vehicular cousins on highways everywhere, tend to guzzle a lot of gasoline. And with the well-documented price increases of gasoline making getting behind the wheel of anything with an engine feel like getting punched in the face, boats are increasingly being left at the dock. The Czeers MK1 is a beautiful 10-meter boat that's covered in photovoltaic solar cells. The power it generates from the sun allows it to hit speeds of up to 30 knots, or about 35 miles per hour. While it won't win any races at that speed, it's plenty fast for most people out on the water. And when you don't need to pay $100 to fill it up every week or two, you really won't care all that much about going any faster.

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