Monday, April 14, 2008

1970s Batboat Toy From Argentina

This interesting toy was produced in Argentina during the 1970s. I find this rendition odd because the box has the Batboat painted like a Checkered Taxi Cab.

This battey operated (alkaline battery, not sealed atomic) vessel incorrectly has Batman and the steering wheel on the port (left) side. However, the box picture has them on the correct, starboard side. An interesting alteration I've seen in some of the other vintage toy Batboats.

Alfred probably forgot to stock the vessel with fresh Shark Repellent before that mission. Robin and Batman are dismembered from the knees down and slumped over!

One of those unintentionally grotesque, weird childhood toys!

When turned on, this 10 inch long Batboat would run along the floor until it bumped into something, making the wheels change to another direction until bumping something else.

I forget what this type of battery operated toy is called. If anyone knows please post a comment.

These images are from an eBay auction that ended on April 12, 2008, 18:11:47 PDT. It sold for US $57.00 plus $15 postage.

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tomztoyz said...

Thanks for posting the great pix. I love the vintage graphics on the box & if you look in the explosion there's a "dead body" flying...Ha ha!

This is a great toy!

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Thanks, Tommy

Darren Nemeth said...

Dead body? Holy cadavar! Where is it on the box. I can't look closely. :(

Are these Argentine toys common?

How many '60s - '70s unauthorized Batboat toys are there?